Change Agent Development Community

A Personal and Professional Development Community for Making a Significant Difference in Your Work and Life

What Is It?

The Change Agent Development Community has its foundation in a living systems paradigm. It draws on the idea that humans have a role and place in the world to become intentional about evolution and its direction for humans, life and Earth.  Further, nothing and no one has reached their full potential – as a product, business, or natural resource or as a person.

Development of living-systems thinking capability and management of one’s own state of being and will can endlessly advance intentional evolution and the expression of each living system’s potential.  This nature of growth is the most certain path to making a greater contribution, sourced from our individual uniqueness and essence, and to the experience of more meaning in our lives.

Who Is It For?

The Change Agent Development Community is for individuals who wish to deepen growth and development in their personal and professional lives.  Further, they want to apply that growth to support an essence expression and intentional evolution approach to change.  They may be running businesses or consulting to and coaching individuals businesses, and organizations in their pursuit of change.

They embrace the idea of producing change that has responsible effects in the world. Their work in the change agent community is based on gaining mastery of a Living Systems Approach and its core frameworks and practices, which have proven successful for more than six decades on four continents in more than fifty industries. These include businesses, educational systems, and nonprofit organizations, as well as community and economic development groups.

The Change Agent Development Community focuses on working, inventing and growing together over many years and generations. It has existed in evolving forms for six decades and is handed down as a legacy. It utilizes and continues to evolve a very well-tested and proven system of critical thinking and practice based in modern science and linguistics, evolutionary biology, systems psychology and the ancient and modern spiritual teachings and philosophy of Western and Eastern traditions. What members say about their experience.

There’s no limit of possibility when working with Carol. There is no end point.  There’s instead continuous learning if you are willing to challenge yourself. The other individuals that have sought out this work also add to the richness of discussion and learning and provide a caliber of peer-to-peer learning that I had never been exposed to before. 

Carol’s work and methods shock you out of patterns and habits that may not be doing you or your work justice, bringing clarity not only to the path of your career but to how you walk it. – Alana Kambury, Starvation Alley, Pinchot graduate. 

Working with Carol and the group she facilitates in Santa Fe, I am ever more deeply aware of the meaning of the term “a living school”. A living school is not about information sharing, or even process development, but rather about holding a life-motivating question and learning how to live into that question. Mary Emeny, Board Member, Democracy Collaborative.

“Our business had been successful, but I was starting to get bored and lose interest. Connecting with Carol’s work literally regenerated my passion and excitement for the company – we are now creating larger positive change in a more systemic way than ever before.

“When I first started working with Carol, I was skeptical about the investment of time and money. But as I continued, huge shifts started to happen in me and inside my firm. Carol has a way of integrating deep personal development with razor-sharp business strategy – it’s unparalleled in anything I’ve ever seen.”

– Ethan Roland, CFO Terra Genesis International Principal, AppleSeed Permaculture LLC

“Since we started working with Carol, we’ve seen consistent 25%+ growth in gross and up to 48% growth in net profits.” – Dyami Nason-Regan, CEO AppleSeed Permaculture LLC

How to Join

You must be invited by a current member. For current members and their business or life partners only.

There are three levels of engagement in the Change Agent Development Community, each with more opportunities to apply the work and ways to participate than the previous.  Each expanded level includes the benefits of all the previous levels.  To determine the best level for you requires a conversation with a member in SEED Communities.

All scopes of members and attendance in events are by invitation only because the materials and processes are proprietary and access to them requires an agreement. Anyone who has been an active member of the community for one full year may invite another person in at the Professional Growth level.  When they do, they accept life long stewardship for that person’s engagement.  SEED Communities membership site provides guidelines for making invitations.

Entry into any level requires commitment to a one-year membership and prepayment of a nonrefundable membership fee.   The agreements are different than certification or licensing; it is tied to active participation, both in the community and in the development series and augmenting sessions.  Payment for the learning is made through community membership, not as a licensing fee or certification program fee, and also not as a payment for courses.  The SEED Community developmental processes and materials, when applied, involves more self-determination than traditional certification and licensing.  Personal agency is supported and also connected to ongoing second-line community work in pursuit of world changing endeavors.

Carol has changed the way I think about and engage in my work and interactions. With the help of the frameworks and perspectives she offers, I have become more conscious of my approach to a given situation, mapping out a clear aim and process for myself and being more deliberate in managing inputs and responses along the way.

The value is often hard to put into words because it supports and encompasses so many working processes, but in effect she offers instruments to yield success and pathways to consider in the process of living and working in deeply considered ways. This is the work for anyone trying to change the world, and I can’t more highly recommend Carol as a resource accordingly. – Lauren Yarmuth

Commitment from Participants

Community development events are offered on sixteen weekends throughout the year in New York City, Boston, Santa Fe (New Mexico), and Seattle. Each community member commits to the principle of “accepting or rejecting nothing without testing with personal experience.” The annual membership fee at each entry level allows for attending as many of these sessions as possible, but four is usual for most members. There are also as many as twelve webinars each year, which augment the on-site weekends; and members are invited to attend an optional annual summit.

Getting Help: There are no on- on-one sessions included and are not available with this membership. Work with the person who invited you for help or other members who agree to engage. To pose questions to Carol directly— this happens ONLY DURING a session in person or on line. It is done so everyone hears the question and answer at the same time and learns together. No exceptions to this. NO private sessions.  Also there is no feedback on your work in process since we do not believe in feedback in this School. But working with a thinking partner is very powerful by arranging engagements with other member from the community. The Business Development level has separate sessions to examine your work with clients and projects, potentially available after Year one is complete.

Professional Growth Membership Level — CURRENT MEMBERS & LIFE/BUSINESS PARTNERS ONLY

One recurring annual payment of $1,000  Renew or Join here 

(Please note that there will be a 3% handling fee for any changes made after charge goes through)

Members at this level receive the benefit of attending up to 16 events in one calendar year from their anniversary date. In addition, they may attend four webinars focused on personal development and the philosophy behind the technology of the community.

Webinars are about two hours long and are accessed via an invitation from the platform. These sessions provide additional developmental materials and engagement with people from around the country for enriching ones knowledge, understanding, and experience.

A member’s anniversary date is one year from the date they joined.

Conditions: All materials are restricted to personal use and may not be used in or with other organizations. They may not be shared with others outside the group. They may not be used in income-producing ways or within a company in revenue-producing ways, except as you are intrinsically changed as a person or leader.

Business Development Membership Level

One recurring annual payment of $2,000     Renew or Join here

OR Two recurring payments (6 months apart) of $1,025   Renew here

(Please note that there will be a 3% handling fee for any changes made after charge goes through)

Members at this level receive all of the benefits at the Professional Growth level, including six to eight articles a year. Other benefits at this level include one Q & A call per quarter plus four webinars a year with Carol offering “design help” in a fishbowl format (work with one person directly, while other participants learn from watching, listening, and reflecting). Carol will have time to work with two or three people directly in each webinar. Members are also welcome to attend the four webinars offered at the Professional Growth level. Business Development members also receive a personal, one-hour Essence Discovery session with Carol or another experienced community leader. This is a one-time event. Recordings of all webinars are available to members at the SEED Communities website.

Conditions: This level of membership may be considered after one full year of paid attendance at the Professional Growth level. Entry is by agreement and written contract only and most often appropriate for consultants, business owners, and business leaders. It is the default level for business owners and organization leaders.

With a contractual agreement, expanded use of materials is possible for as long as the member remains in the community and pays to participate at this level. When participation ends, all rights to use of materials cease.

Carol Sanford Institute (CSI) Associate Membership Level

One recurring annual payment of $2,500   Renew here

OR Two recurring payments (6 months apart) of $1,275  Renew here

(Please note that there will be a 3% handling fee for any changes made after charge goes through)

Members at this level receive all the benefits at the Professional Growth and Business Development levels. The major difference here is the assumption that you are preparing to be part of the business change practice with the Carol Sanford Institute, which may include contracts to work with clients of the Institute, using the proprietary curriculum. Consulting work is the aim, but is not guaranteed.

As with the other levels, entry is by invitation only, but it includes opportunities to participate in income-producing consulting with CSI clients (contract required).

In addition, four webinars a year are offered, in which members engage with a proprietary curriculum—not available at other levels—to be used with clients contracted by CSI and nowhere else. There will also be some video lessons. Members at this level are always welcome to join the Professional Growth and Business Development webinars, as well.

Conditions: Initially, the curriculum may be used only with clients under a CSI contract. The materials and curriculum are owned, trademarked and copyrighted by the Carol Sanford Institute and all rights are reserved. This agreement may change with time, and members always have the right to stop participating.

CSI Associate Guidelines

The primary guideline for membership at the CSI Associate level is personal stewardship for the Developmental School and its technology and purpose, as offered through business and community events, via esoteric, mesoteric, and exoteric forums. The intention is to build a developmental community, not a consulting practice, with reciprocity for direct educational contribution. CSI contributes funding to build the school, as well as provide income.

Therefore the following guidelines apply, and a member’s support for the community is demonstrated by adherence to them.

You have been a member of the Change Agent Development Community at the Business Development level for a minimum of two years. You value the contractual agreement at that level and will use the frameworks it offers actively in onsite sessions with your own clients. This is coupled with your belief that business is a node among human systems at which change can be leveraged into all social systems and cultural arenas.

For a minimum of two years, you have been in your own consulting practice or you have been in a role in an organization that is the equivalent (for example, you have connected with clients over the course of sustained efforts, rather than for only single events; you have led some change efforts to successful conclusions).

You are a good householder in terms of your own finances and are self-reliant and resilient.

You have a clear intention to be discerning about integrity with CSI’s technology, materials, and processes. You will not mix paradigms when engaging in the work or use the technology with other philosophies and practices. This agreement will hold, even as you evolve the technology and design for clients. Mixing and matching paradigms diminishes the discernment of everyone, including educators, community members, and students.

You have demonstrated a continuous commitment to your own personal development for some years.

You understand that a CSI Associate may NOT use CSI proprietary materials in another professional practice without express written permission. These materials are the sole property of CSI until otherwise agreed.

You understand that being accepted at this level does not guarantee that paid work for you will be forthcoming immediately or perhaps ever—although the intention is to grow the business rapidly so that associates may learn and help develop the technology as it is applied to real change efforts in a business.

All rights to use materials and processes are forfeited when you leave the Change Agent Development Community. Authority is dependent on paid membership and ongoing involvement in the community.

If you find a non-CSI client who you think is a good fit for the curriculum, you may bring them in as a client of CSI and establish a cooperative offering under CSI for the work to be done. In return, you will receive a 40 percent share of the “after direct-expense revenue” instead of a contractor fee. (You will be responsible for negotiating this structure with the client.). You may not contract for consulting based on CSI proprietary materials except under CSI auspices. In other words, to use the CSI technology and materials, you must speak as a CSI associate and work with CSI to arrange work at its rates.

The Work of CSI

CSI’s educational program and consultation activities develop consciousness capability and expression that enable human beings to play their roles in evolutionary patterns in this solar system. Those roles are particularly focused on elevating the levels of energy available and on the ordering and organizing of those energies in value-adding processes. This work cuts across many fields and disciplines, from business and education to community and economic development, and many more.

To Begin Your Membership in the Change Agent Development Community at the CSI Associate Level, please click the level above. Membership is paid annually on your anniversary date; this is not a pay-per-session course. You may attend as many events in as many locations as you choose in return for your annual membership fee. Membership also includes all materials and one individual engagement annually per person.

Note: Principles for sharing materials at the Business Development level apply here as well, but because most cannot be shared, the CSI principles supersede the Business Development principles where there is a conflict or seeming conflict.

“I believe that there are certain things that can only be learned from real masters. Carol Sanford is such a master. I experienced taking the craft of leading change way beyond tools and methods, to a place of fundamentally understanding of how human beings and living systems work .It has changed  how I work (or engage people).  Johannes Bjorkman, Kaospilot, Arrhus, Denmark. 

Corporate Member Level

One non-recurring annual payment of $3,000 Renew here

(Please note that there will be a 3% handling fee for any changes made after charge goes through)

For members who own a company and manage functions or business units, they are invited as a Corporate Member. They engage in all the activities with the Business Unit Level, including 8 webinars (four on design), and design practice and support at end of day for each local session using their own material. Additionally, there are four one hour calls after attending one of the onsite groups to discuss application to your business. Please ask for a conversation to explore. The annual member fee is $3000.

Lineage Membership Level 

One recurring annual payment of $3000  Renew here

OR recurring payments, 4 months apart at $1025 each Renew here

(Please note that there will be a 3% handling fee for any changes made after charge goes through)


Lineage Corporate Membership Level

One recurring annual payment of $3500  Renew here

(Please note that there will be a 3% handling fee for any changes made after charge goes through)


Live Workshop Dates—Please make sure your membership is paid at least one week in advance of attendance.

NEW YORK CITY:   Saturday 9.00 am – 4.00 pm; Sunday 9.00 am – 1.00 pm.
We take a break for lunch. Snacks and light breakfast are offered. We share the costs. If you plan to attend, please alert Russell. email: (

2019 Feb 23-24 (NYC), June 1-2 (HRV), Sept 14-15 (HRV), Dec 14-15 (NYC)

2020 There will be one quarterly meeting held in NYC (HRV) June 6-7.


BOSTON:  Saturday 9.00 am – 4.00 pm; Sunday 9.00 am – 2.00 pm.
Lunch and snacks are offered; the group shares the cost.  If you plan to attend, please alert Laura Weiland. email is

2019 March 16-17, June 8-9, Sept 7-8, Dec 7-8

2020 There will be one quarterly meeting held in Boston, March 14-15.


SANTA FE, New Mexico:  Saturday 9.00 am – 4.00 pm; Sunday 9.00 am – 2.00 pm.
We break for lunch. Snacks are pot luck. please bring something if you attend. Contact Glenna Gerard if you plan to attend.  email:

2019 Jan 26-27, May 18-19, Aug 10-11, Nov 9-10

2020 There will be one quarterly meeting held Santa Fe, Nov 14-15 (NOTE DATE CHANGE)


SEATTLE:   Saturday 9.00 am – 4.30 pm; Sunday 9.00 am – 12.00 pm.  Contact for site is Tamara Packer (
We break for lunch. Snacks are offered. If you plan to attend, please let Tamara Gant know. email:

2019 Feb 16-17, April 13-14, Aug 17-18, Nov 16-17

2020 Feb 29-Mar1, May 16-17, August 8-9, Oct 24-25 (NOTE CHANGES)


LINEAGE INTENSIVE DAYS: Beginning in 2019, there will be 4 lineage intensive dates per year, typically from 3pm – 5pm local time. For those who are not attending the onsite session in a city, onsite zoom is available. There will be other meetings for Lineage Group to advance projects. e.g. writing, annotated bibliography.

June 7, 2019 in Boston prior to Boston quarterly meeting, 3-5pm ET

May 17, 2019 in Santa Fe prior to Santa Fe quarterly meeting, 3-5pm MT

Sept 13, 2019 in New York prior to New York Hudson River Valley meeting, 3-5pm ET

Nov 15, 2019 in Seattle prior the Seattle onsite meeting, 3-5pm PT


March 13, 2020 in Boston prior to Boston quarterly meeting

June 5, 2020 in New York prior to New York quarterly meeting

Oct 23, 2020 in Seattle prior to a Seattle onsite meeting

Nov 15 or 16, 2020 in Santa Fe after the Santa Fe quarterly meeting (date TBD)

Online Session Dates

Webinar Instructions for those considering joining
Members-Only Webinar Instructions
To view a PDF of the options for 2020, click here.

Professional Growth sessions are focused on personal development for change agent professionals, including materials and discussions on this work and approach. (Available to all Change Agent Development Community members.)

2019 – Mar 19, Jun 11, Sept 3, Dec 3, noon to 1.30 pm Pacific Time

2020 – There will be no calls with Carol. Participants will either need to move up to Business Development Level or join a CAD Member-Led Event

Business Development & Corporate. To sign up to work in the fishbowl with Carol in any session, please send her an email at (Available to members at the Business Development and CSI Associates levels.)

2019 – 8 calls total (4 Personal/Professional Calls plus 4 Business Development Calls) –  Feb 5, May 7, Aug 6, Nov 5, noon to 1.30pm Pacific Time

2020 – 8 calls per year held Feb 4, May 5, Aug 25, Nov 3, and 4 others to be announced soon, noon – 1.30 Pacific Time

CSI Associate online sessions will focus on business frameworks designed to drive whole-systems change. New materials will be introduced, often in the context of fishbowl work. Additional development sessions will be added as clients are engaged. (Available only to CSI Associates.)

2019 – 12 calls total (4 Personal/Professional Calls, 4 Business Development Calls, and 4 CSI Associate Calls) –  Jan 8, Apr 2, Jul 9, and Oct 15, noon – 1.30 Pacific Time

2020 – 12 Calls per year (8 Business Development & 4 CSI Associate Calls) , CSI calls on Jan 7, Apr 7, Aug 11, Oct 13, noon – 1.30 Pacific Time 

Lineage Members

2019 – 16 calls total (4 Personal/Professional Calls, 4 Business Development Calls, 4 CSI Associate Calls, and 4 Lineage Calls) – Lineage calls on Jan 3, March 5, June 4, Sept 17, and Dec 10, 12-1:30 Pacific Time

2020 –16 calls per year (8 Business Development, 4 CSI Associate & 4 Lineage Calls) – Lineage calls on Jan 21, Mar 17, June 23, Sep 8, Oct 20, Dec 8, 12-1:30 Pacific Time