Workshop on Conscious Dying

Workshop on Conscious Dying

Sponsor: InterOctave Development Group, Inc, an educational institute that researches and offers human developmental communities, is opening one of our private events to public non-members. Our Change-Agent Development (CAD) Community has been running for almost 50 years, with over 12,000 members worldwide. As a global community, these individuals have worked to develop themselves, collectively and simultaneously, with increasing understanding of how Change and Development work. The foundation of the CAD approach draws from three sources, where patterns intersect: indigenous ways of learning and living, lineage wisdom transformational teachings, and social translation of Quantum Science explained with the indigenous and lineage understanding. We work from a Self-Determining Epistemology and Cosmology to explain how life works. We have dozens of global centers gathering to research, educate, and design at three lines of work—personal, community, and systems realization and evolution.

Purpose: The Conscious Dying offering was created as an outcome of one of our CAD member’s diagnosis of ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Carol Sanford, one of our Lineage members, received this diagnosis in October of 2022. We extended our recurring gatherings to enter a developmental and regenerative end-of-life dialogue and workshop on dying. We believe death can be evolved (and is in many cultures) to be developmental, encompassing society, community, and families. A developmental approach to dying can uplift even a dying person’s experience of their own passing as a sacred time. The Western worldview of death is limited to how it offers development since it is built on assumptions of separation, not community. It is aimed at family and close friends grieving and creating remembrances of their loved one. Although this can be included, we have evolved the workshop to be a societal, community, and human transformation experience. This approach includes a set of community rituals leading up to death. The involvement then switches to developmental rituals for those left behind that are engaged in experiencing a dying portal and energy field, that can be accessed for at least 50 days following the actual death of an individual. In most cultures, death and dying is only experienced as commemorations and loss, without processes for personal and community development in this spiritualizing time.

Content: We are offering access to the audio-only recordings of these approximately one-hour events as they become available. There will be a new one about every 6 weeks until Carol cannot speak. We do not know how long that will be. As of March 2023, four audio recordings are available. We will leave them accessible to at least a year after the last one.

Approach: We have had so many requests to join us live for these Conscious Dying workshops. We appreciate the intention. But since the event is part of a group inside a weekend event that is working together for a day and a half by the time of the Conscious Dying workshop, we had to find a way to make it work other than engaging live at that time. New people entering would disrupt the field that has been built for the weekend. But listening to the recording can build a field for a person joining, lifting their current state. This lifting of the participant only occurs under a special condition, however. It is essential that the viewer STOP and DO the exercises as they are presented. We strongly advise against listening only since it shifts the epistemology being used and drops you out of the epistemology of the event (Self-Determining Epistemology). Do not listen without engaging in the exercises or take notes or the experience will be received improperly. See Carol’s new book, No More Gold Stars (released Fall 2023) for more on this discernment to make sense and enable making it developmentally engaged — from a self-determining epistemology. This is the challenge of allowing non-members to join separately. Anyone not educated in this particular differentiation (difference that makes a difference) can do harm to their own learning, which is a core change process we need to learn to take on as social innovation.

The sessions are built around the use of frameworks to deepen our exploration and understanding of our personal experiences. This offers processes that you can share with your family. The recordings are to only be shared with your family and not beyond. The processes include sharing of experiences of death and dying from family and friends, as well as Carol sharing what she notices, through time, from a developmental perspective. For example, how her attachments are broken or clung to, what identifications she experiences (i.e., what associations are discovered that prevent her being her authentic self), and where time and energy are wasted.

  • Fee: $250 per person or household. This is a fundraiser, with proceeds going to Carol’s family for her medical expenses, for producing the workshop, and creating new career paths for Carol’s family members who have produced Carol Sanford Institute, Interoctave Development Group, Inc. and Seed Communities for almost 50 years. Funds that were expected to cover these transitions are unexpectedly being consumed for medical, living, and personal care. Please note that if you are already in Change Agent Development (CAD), this is included with your membership. Reach out to Tamara for questions if you are in CAD.

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