Regenerating Spirit Community

How do we engage spirit and uplift it in the world? The Regenerative Spirit Community will focus on how to engage with sacred texts in a way we avoid reading mechanically or on automatic.

The Regenerating Spirit Community is about developing a state of being rather than teaching new behaviors.

Practices we will develop with are: 

  • Engage with Wisdom Text and Writings to awaken our spirit. Participate a way of engaging with old sources experienced as new.  A source is made sacred by being used over extended periods and by being imbued with the energies from fields generated by dedicated teachers and communities seeking to spiritualize existence with legomonisms (texts, stupas, bells/gongs/, chanting, some prayers, structures like temples).
  • Self- Observed Listening:   Self-Observed Listening is a rirual in most monk and saints practices; a way of receiving Clairvoyance (clear seeing) from spiritual and wisdom texts and writings  without explanation from other humans.  It is about engagement in a way that conscious energy and development of humans can merge. Not necessarily a higher being, but a dedicated Source, like a developmental community or dedicated stewards of such practice.
  • Systemic Frameworks: Powerful living systems frameworks to better understand our energy drains and negative emotions and the effects they produce in the world
  • Work with a Developmental Community in ancient practices that help us experience reality without false filters leaving us with fabrications about others and situation. These fabrication are the cause of false premises about life, that undermine our contribution and distort societies value-adding processes at work


Timing of Live Online Workshops

FRIDAYS, 9 am—12 PM Pacific Time

  • September 8, 2023
  • September 29, 2023
  • October 27, 2023
  • This also includes access to a previously recorded global summit, which covers the same topic.

The first 3 events will be live online workshops. 



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Who is this for?

For persons as individuals, partners or members, colleagues of a business, or anywhere people commit to personal development as part of an entity or toward a greater purpose to serve.

Do not sign up until you are sure you understand what this community offers. There are no refunds. Email Carol with questions.




These are live online workshops. Please note that one of the offerings is a pre-recorded workshop.




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