Business Education, Re-Source Engagement and

Thinking Partner Collaboration

for Entrepreneurs, Impact Investors, & Change Agents


  • Looking for a sounding board – someone who isn’t a team member or your life partner?

  • Is developing your latest ideas challenging because you can’t find the time or the right people to push back and build it?

  • Have you found a hole in your knowledge?  Are you wondering how to fill the void?

  • Do you need a thinking partner for decision-making and want someone who understands all you have to deal with in your business, ventures and goals?



We offer three SEED communities which are either locally based or regional centers and with some opportunities for virtual interaction.  All three are engaged in Consultative Learning and Collaborative Co-creation processes that draw on Carol Sanford Institute’s proprietary technology and its track record of proven success over six decades in working with individuals, public and private firms as well as educational institutions.


Entrepreneurs, Owners & CEOs

Develop business acumen for responsible growth and non-displace-ability in your market.

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Impact Investors

Accelerate your learning about values-based investment, joint ventures and ways to effectively mentor business owners.

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Change Agents

Support others in leading and taking on change in their businesses and communities and in society as a whole.

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SEED Communities Work…

…because in every group and in every meeting, no challenge is too small or too large.  Members learn powerful processes that give them the ability to speak precisely about the important decisions they face, listen more creatively to fellow members, ask questions that raise the level of thinking, and develop the leadership capabilities required to improve their working of their businesses.  Our members have access to multiple perspectives in sessions with fellow business peers, outside thought leaders, and expert resource speakers.  They are able to expand their view beyond their company walls interactions that traditional executive leadership training just can’t offer.  And always, the question of how to build in responsibility is actively brought to the foreground.

SEED Community Members report that our consultative learning session are the best experiences they every had. They grow personally, learn new ways to think about what is most meaningful to them and find innovative and practical ways to apply their newfound understanding and capability to their businesses.

When I first started, I was skeptical about the investment of time and money. But as I continued, huge shifts started to happen in me and inside my firm. They have a way of integrating deep personal development with razor-sharp business strategy – it’s unparalleled in anything I’ve ever seen.

– Ethan Roland, CFO Terra Genesis International

Business Mentoring

Traditional corporate executive coaching programs and business consulting firms focus on one-time training workshops, one-to-one coaching and leadership development retreats. SEED Communities knows that it is essential for business leaders to develop on-going thinking partnerships. This is why we combine peer collaborative co-creation and expert resource education along with coaching to impact the lives of our members, both personally and professionally.

SEED Community Members bring a wealth and diversity of experience to the table and apply their expertise to helping each other rise to challenges and seize opportunities. We work to make each community diverse, knowing that research has proven that diversity improves learning and collaboration. This way of personal, professional and business development is only possible when a committed team of business professionals work toward one another’s success over a sustained period of time.

Carol has changed the way I think about and engage in my work and interactions. She offers instruments that open pathways into process of living and working in deeply considered ways. This is the work for anyone trying to change the world, and I can’t more highly recommend Carol as a resource accordingly.

– Lauren Yarmuth,  Principal and Co-Founder YR&G, LEED Fellow, WELL AP