The Regenerative Life: A Non-Heroic Journey to Transforming any Organization, Our Society and Your Life.

I propose that there are nine foundational roles we play in life, roles like parent or entrepreneur, that have great potential to influence the kinds of society we live in. At one time or another, we nearly all play one or more of these roles. But without understanding their essence and social significance, we are likely to play them in mechanical and unconscious ways, patterning our choices on what we grew up with or on the behaviors we see all around us.

I deliberately distinguish role from career, although they may be the same in many cases. Roles are often voluntary or unpaid, and they can change through time, depending on what is needed. One could say that the work we do in carrying out our roles is more about the heart than a paycheck. So it is especially gratifying when a role that we care about, such as being a designer or educator, becomes deeply integrated into how we make our livings.

This book aims to highlight the inherent potential for individual and societal transformation that is embedded in these commonplace roles, teaching us how to access and manifest their regenerative power. It draws on living system thinking, ancient and indigenous cosmologies, and scientific and philosophical investigations into how large scale change works. Although this thinking has systemic social implications, it is addressed to individuals seeking to create a better world through day to day engagement in their lives and work.

The Regenerative Roles:

Initiator Roles

  1. The Regenerative Parent: of natural born, adopted, foster or next generation family members.
  2. The Regenerative Earth Tender: via a volunteer, consulting or professional role. E.g. naturalist, biologist, forester, farmers, restaurants with their own farms. Those who see themselves as stewards for Earth’s vitality and viability and touch Life every day, with intention.
  3. The Regenerative Designer/Creator/inventor/researcher: personal expression often in support of other’s individual and group manifestations. E.g. writer, editor, coder, graphic artist, formatter, interior and exterior architect. Process is the focus.- break new ground.

Manifester Roles

  1. The Regenerative Entrepreneur/Small Business: own a business or venture that includes others in delivering products or services (not consulting, coaching or mentoring.)
  2. The Regenerative Governing Official: elected or appointed at city, regional, or national levels. Not for profit positions.
  3. The Regenerative Economic Shaper: creator of policy and practices that shape how economies work. E.g. wall street or venture investor, tax infrastructure, regulator, economist, retirement investor. Not necessarily a practitioner but creator of the infrastructure that practitioners are bound or guided by.

Destabilizer/Hyparxic Roles (Elevate us to new worlds)

  1. The Regenerative Educator: public, private, elementary, middle, and upper schools. Colleges and universities.
  2. Regenerative Media Content Creator: Public expression as Journalist, filmmaker, author, show host, podcast/blog creator, TV producer, documentarian, shaper of opinion. Content is the focus.
  3. The Regenerative Spirit-Resource: spiritual leader, meditation teacher, personal coach, church leader, health practitioner, therapist, tracking teacher.


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