A proven Regenerative Business System to
grow small businesses who care

Are you a caring-centered entrepreneur who wants to be authentic AND effective in how you do business?

With your customers and clients?  

With your employees and contractors?  

With community leaders?

Many mission driven business programs teach you to set aside your own financial return for your mission. Or, at best, to be willing to make tradeoffs.

We teach you how to have enduring financial return BY how you stay authentic and work from caring for all our stakeholders.

NO TRADE-OFFS! We have the forty-year track record to prove it works.

If you resonate with these ideas, then you’ll love participating in our community of entrepreneurs that seemingly magically transform problems and challenges into invested clients that leave both you and them feeling great about the connection.

Jeffrey Hollender Seventh GenerationCarol changed how I lead as a values-based leader and taught us how to grow our revenues 40-60% for the following six years.
– Jeffrey Hollender, Founder and CEO of Seventh Generation [a non-toxic personal and household products industry]


CatherineConnelly“Our financial returns shot through the roof with Carol’s work. And we made no trade-offs with responsible practice or corporate values.”
– Catherine Connelly, CEO Merida Meridian [custom Crafted Sustainable textiles and rugs]



This is the ONLY hands-on, on-going, education and mentoring community that is business-centered AND caring-centered; teaching entrepreneurs EXACTLY how to craft your business to succeed and make a difference.

It’s designed to ensure you:

  1. Significantly increase your cash flow, margins and earnings without crazy schemes or stress
  1. Create a long list of loyal customers that not only buy repeatedly, but tell everyone that you are the one to contact. They will even go out of their way to get you business.
  1. Use your business to make a difference for the communities in which you live and the nation with which you have great aspirations.
  1. Grow as a leader, manager and business person in critical thinking skills as manifest in better decisions, and personal mastery as manifest in relationships that serve you and others.
  1. Have a smart thinking partner at your disposal to test and vet ideas about your business


$2,997 per person annually


Our Methodology

The Regenerative Business System

 Five Critical Success Factors of The Regenerative Business System

  1. Singularity: The best way to differentiate you business is to position and lead the business from ESSENCE— Your Uniqueness, your Singularity as the over arching Direction Setting, reference, for decisions and execution, the touch point for leadership. It must become embodied into a Singular Corporate Direction. Unfortunately people get this wrong most of the time and do not have the deep skills needed to discover and build from essence. They tend to “make up” something, like a brand or mission statement.

The #1 one driver of customer loyalty and market dominance— proven in practice and confirmed by research at Harvard.


  1. Developmental Managing Principles– Principles are the best guide for keeping people aligned at work. Managing Principles are the guidelines for the managing of the business as a whole. Units of people may have their own principles aligned to these. Developmental principles are those that invite and evoke people developing overtime. They have a gradient built in.

The key to designing work and employee managing system for passionate and productive work— by everyone, everyday.


  1. Value-adding process view of operating– A value-added process view is the opposite. It starts form supplier and adds value that can be extracted in the price. A value-adding view, start outside in the customer/consumers life and build backwards toward the supply making sure everything is aligned with the integration point of the customer’s life.

The # 1 practice of managing suppliers and bringing in and retaining talent— in any type of firm or business.


  1. Non-hierarchical managing processes relationship- system organizing work design. Managers intuitively know that command and control organizations make more work for themselves and degree productivity and meaning for workers. But what to do instead. We have forty years of test over a dozen work designs and found what works with out fail.

The amazingly contrarian way of thinking about business that will change how you create strategy, lead others and design work, all resulting in non-displace-ability in your market.


  1. Responsible Financial Effectiveness- learning to embed your values, from the beginning, in the way your create business models, performance indices and accounting and reporting, will save you from trade-offs that currently seem unavoidable. You learn how to start in a different place that that you know only have a better bottom AND top line, but you feel really good about HOW you got there and want to tell your stories to everyone.

The three most critical nodes of focus to produce Financial Effectiveness—ensure the growth of cash flow, margins and enduring earnings.


Chad Holliday I use Carol’s teaching everyday in every decision I make.  It changed how I do business and we gained back our preeminence in the market.
– Chad Holliday, CEO, Chairman, DuPont Corporation [Chad also wrote the foreward to Carol’s last book, The Responsible Business]


BJ Duft“We have become a favorite place to work in Seattle which has made us the Best place to hold events, from weddings to business meetings. Thank you Carol.”
– B. J. Duft, Found Herban Feast Catering & Fresh Bistro Café


$2,997 per person annually


The Research

What makes the difference is very clear. It is not just good ideas or hard work; although both of those are required.

The Kaufman Foundation, the premiere small and entrepreneurial business research center, found that beyond ideas and hard work there were three key success factors for longevity and prosperity in business.

  1. Thinking partners— someone to bounce ideas off of and to develop thinking about ideas and challenges. Rigor and order were cited as particularly important.
  1. Mentors— not necessarily in the same field but with similar experiences, who are ahead you on the road. The more growth and change experience they have, the better.
  1. Capability Building—more than training, this continues to stretch each member personally (as leaders and co-creators) and in development of business understanding. (How do markets work? Business models, partnering)


Rebecca Henderson
“Carol builds the businesses of the future—what everyone will do one day. I have seen it first hand and recommend getting engaged.”
– Rebecca Henderson, Harvard Professor, John Heinz Chair of Business Sustainability


$2,997 per person annually


Meet the Founder

Carol Sanford

For nearly 40 years Carol Sanford has led a revolution in how business is to be conducted. With longterm engagements, she functioned as a supra-executive decoding a company’s DNA and aligning systems to yield game-changing innovation, market leadership, and financial returns. Through her A-rated speeches and award-winning books, Carol relates examples that inspire and instruct businesses to re-imagine their way of working and change industries, social systems, cultural beliefs and governing practices.

Her highly-praised books, The Responsible Business and her latest, The Responsible Entrepreneur, are required reading at leading business schools including Harvard, Stanford, Haas Berkeley and MIT.

In summary, she has:

  • Worked in thirty-two industries;
  • Consulted with 124 businesses;
  • Worked on all the livable continents;
  • Led 4,775 independent change practitioners who serve as resources to business and other entities;
  • Had twenty-four leaders promoted to senior or C-suite leadership of other Fortune 500 businesses;
  • Worked with 122 small businesses that are thriving beyond ten years, including some which have gone public;
  • Lectured at multiple universities, including Harvard, MIT, Stanford,  and Ross Michigan; and
  • Become mandatory reading at over 200 universities, colleges and prep schools around the world.


Ethan Roland“When I first started working with Carol, I was skeptical about the investment of time and money. But as I continued, huge shifts started to happen in me and inside my firm. Carol has a way of integrating deep personal development with razor-sharp business strategy – it’s unparalleled in anything I’ve ever seen.”  
– Ethan Roland, CFO Terra Genesis International


 Our Program

This ongoing community & education forum includes:

  • Live quarterly sessions + 4 video teleconferences (all video recorded);
  • A “Business Essence Reveal” session with one of our team;
  • Two one-hour private sessions with Carol for each participant;
  • Receive one digital copy of The Responsible Business;
  • Fellow CEO and executives to engage and be coached by and coach in return; and
  • Regular ‘turns’ in the fishbowl for consultative learning with Carol on your business—its challenges and opportunities, using the new idea offered.

Santa Fe Community Dates

2015:  Jun 11-12, Aug 10-11, Nov 16-17

2016: Feb 1-2, Apr 16-17, Aug 13-14, Nov 12-13

Space is limited!  Enroll now.  

$2,997 per person annually