Since 1977, Carol Sanford has brought together successful investors who describe themselves as:

  • Angel Investors
  • Peer-To-Peer Lenders
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Bank and Loan Officers
  • Personal or Private Investors
  • Fund Managers
  • Private Equity Investors
  • Fund Analysts
  • Board of Director Members (mergers, acquisitions, investing)

All of them are seeking to be more mindful of the impact of their investment choices, embedding meaning into their decisions. The members of this community work within an ongoing group, guided by seasoned and tested business coaches and educators, known as SEED Resources. We define “Resources” as people who support others in developing “their own best self” and best business or investing path, by a combination of cutting edge education, mentoring and engaging in collaborative learning. Members repeatedly report that the Resources for their group ensure the experience is a powerful and productive one, each and every time.

As a result, investors, once they join, tend to stay with their SEED group for many years, and they become dedicated to one another’s success. That is why we call them communities. We encourage visiting other SEED groups in the larger global Communities when you travel [1].

Carol Sanford provides a systemic approach that I am finding useful to examine the projects, partnerships and investments our businesses makes to accelerate adapting to the great shift that is coming. – Kevin Jones, Co-Founder of SoCap

Our Goals

The goals of the Investor SEED community is to improve each member’s ability:

  1. Precision in Assessing the Responsible Impact of a business venture. The difference between changing the course of history and creating a small niche product that plugs a hole is vast. How do you determine outcomes?
  2. Rigor in Due Diligence on Responsible Financial Returns. How does responsible due diligence differ from traditional due diligence. How do you determine if profit and loss are based on responsible activities and outcomes?
  3. Capability in Due Diligence that Accurately Forecasts the Likelihood of Realized Financial Effectiveness (growth in earning, margins and cash flow).
  4. Successfully Mentoring the Entrepreneurial Founder or CEO of an Investment.
  5. Using our Innovative Assessment Instrument for Responsible Impact Investing for yourself and to coach your investment’s executives.
  6. Building Co-Investment Groups by offering frameworks and dialogue where collaboration and cooperation can emerge on ventures.
  7. Sponsorship of “pitch summits” to look for fundable growth stage businesses.


Our Process

Our engagement process is very unique. We bring due diligence, investment learning and collaboration processes that go significantly beyond the process of training, brainstorming on values, and advising from experts that most similar groups use as their foundation. We offer a combination of learning ‘live’ while working on your investment business and collaborative co-creation.  You bring in real contenders and we “challenge” them.

Consultative Learning puts each investor into a ‘fishbowl’ to apply the new thinking introduced in the session to their ventures. This is a frequent event, normally coinciding with a group meeting at their location. (We rotate among member spaces). Deep learning takes place for the team in the fishbowl but also by those who are observing the process. The topics are a combination of help for the business on what it feels it needs and a core proprietary curriculum offered only to our clients, SEED Communities, and students of Carol Sanford Institute.

Collaborative Co-Creation is a process of learning a proprietary business and investing system in the form of a business investment framework, which we work on as a whole group with one or more businesses. In each session, the group works on each of the investments in their group, helping one another engage in the same process.  All members of the group work as though each investment is their own. This way, you get the power of broad and deep experience when focusing on your investment decisions. This is an on-going event at each meeting.

Take Action and Get Results

During group sessions and in private one-to-one sessions, SEED Resources encourage and support members’ personal and business growth and engage them toward becoming personally accountable for producing results on their goals. Resources work to develop members and build in them knowledge and understanding that they know brings great value.


This ongoing community and educational forum includes:

  • Quarterly live sessions (1.5 days) + 4 video conferences (all recorded);
  • One digital copy each of both The Responsible Entrepreneur & The Responsible Business; and
  • Workbooks and worksheets during the sessions.
  • $2,997 per person

Community Dates

2015: Jun 15 – 16, Sep 21-22, Dec 15-16
2016 Mar 15-16

Space is limited!

$2,997 per person annually