Change Agent Development Community: Deep Pacific

A Personal and Professional Development Community for Making a Significant Difference in Your Work and Life

What Is It?

The Change Agent Development Community has its foundation in a living systems paradigm. It draws on the idea that humans have a role and place in the world to become intentional about evolution and its direction for social and planetary systems, all life on Earth.  Further, nothing and no one has reached their full potential – as a product, business, place or natural resource; or as a person.

Development of living-systems thinking capability and management of one’s own state of being and will can endlessly advance intentional regeneration and the expression of each living system’s potential.  This nature of growth is the most certain path to making a greater contribution, sourced from our individual uniqueness and essence, and to the experience of more meaning in our lives.

Who Is It For?

The Change Agent Development Community is for individuals who wish to deepen growth and development in their personal and professional lives and for some in their business leadership.  Further, they want to apply that growth to support an essence expression and intentional evolution approach to change.  They may be running businesses or consulting to and coaching individuals businesses, and organizations in their pursuit of change.

They embrace the idea of producing change that has responsible effects in the world. Their work in the change agent community is based on gaining mastery of a Living Systems Approach and its core frameworks and practices, which have proven successful for more than six decades on four continents in more than fifty industries. These include businesses, educational systems, and nonprofit organizations, as well as community and economic development in a place.

The Change Agent Development Community focuses on working, inventing and growing together over many years and generations. It has existed in evolving forms for six decades and is handed down as a lineage. It utilizes and continues to evolve a very well-tested and proven system of critical thinking and practice based in modern science and linguistics, evolutionary biology, systems psychology and the ancient and modern spiritual teachings and philosophy of Western and Eastern traditions as well as indigenous teachings. What members say about their experience.

There’s no limit of possibility when working with Carol. There is no end point.  There’s instead continuous learning if you are willing to challenge yourself. The other individuals that have sought out this work also add to the richness of discussion and learning and provide a caliber of peer-to-peer learning that I had never been exposed to before. 

Carol’s work and methods shock you out of patterns and habits that may not be doing you or your work justice, bringing clarity not only to the path of your career but to how you walk it. – Alana Kambury, Starvation Alley, Pinchot graduate. 

Working with Carol and the group she facilitates in Santa Fe, I am ever more deeply aware of the meaning of the term “a living school”. A living school is not about information sharing, or even process development, but rather about holding a life-motivating question and learning how to live into that question. Mary Emeny, Board Member, Democracy Collaborative.

“Our business had been successful, but I was starting to get bored and lose interest. Connecting with Carol’s work literally regenerated my passion and excitement for the company – we are now creating larger positive change in a more systemic way than ever before.

“When I first started working with Carol, I was skeptical about the investment of time and money. But as I continued, huge shifts started to happen in me and inside my firm. Carol has a way of integrating deep personal development with razor-sharp business strategy – it’s unparalleled in anything I’ve ever seen.”

– Ethan Roland, CFO Terra Genesis International Principal, AppleSeed Permaculture LLC

“Since we started working with Carol, we’ve seen consistent 25%+ growth in gross and up to 48% growth in net profits.” – Dyami Nason-Regan, CEO AppleSeed Permaculture LLC

Remaining Online Session Dates




The Business Development group will meet on the same days for one hour following the main group.

Members-Only Live Online Workshop Instructions

Upcoming Changes

After November 22, 2021, The Change Agent Development Deep Pacific group will be ending. Please see this page to find out about more of Carol’s offerings.