Regenerative Approach to Personal & Professional Development
A Change Agent Development Community

Live interaction with Carol Sanford and The Regenerative Community Alliance (without leaving town)

Regeneration is a concept we often associate with our professional life. But it is more completely understood as a philosophy of life and way of engaging in the world. It brings together the development of one’s self as a whole person and the significant changes to which we can bring our development— to how we do our work in the world. Regeneration is based on the idea that each person and each living entity is unique and has its own essence that can be useful to other’s lives and meaningfully expressed into the world.

To be Regenerative, the development process must be working for and have proven methods to engage:

• Whole beings: connect with all the centers of a human being when being developed (from moving, to emotional to intellectual centers as a system; all the domains of life; our motivation, energies and ableness to do and be); and it avoids a fragmented process on part of us.

• In developing the potential that is specific to a person avoiding ideologies and ideals and problems as a focus that occurs in a process with a generic idea of human mastery or excellence

• Ensures the expression of the singularity, the essence, that is seeking to find a way to make a difference

• With humans as nested in a dynamic and living world, having a role to play for its vitality, viability and evolution, rather than having authority and preference over, or using nature as a metaphor for development

• Nodally, with the actions that affect the whole and that make the difference to all living species, avoiding endeavors that cause side effects and have downsides.

• Field development, where you are working with others who are deeply committed to their own and other members grow, each done their own way.

• A non-expert, not guru model of learning and development, based in self-discovery and personal vetting of truth from living experience.

If this is the way you want your own development to happen, talk with us.

Change Agent Development Community

A Personal and Professional Development Community for Making a Significant Difference in Your Work and Life

What Is It?

The Change Agent Development Community has its foundation in a living systems paradigm. It draws on the idea that humans have a role and place in the world to become intentional about evolution and its direction for humans, life and Earth.  Further, nothing and no one has reached their full potential – as a product, business, or natural resource or as a person.

Development of living-systems thinking capability and management of one’s own state of being and will can endlessly advance intentional evolution and the expression of each living system’s potential.  This nature of growth is the most certain path to making a greater contribution, sourced from our individual uniqueness and essence, and to the experience of more meaning in our lives.

The Regenerative Development Alliance (TRDA) is a membership organization of practitioners who have been together for over 40 years, bringing the philosophy and practice of Regenerative Education into many professions (from educator to architect to coach and hundreds of others) and into institutions—Universities and K-12, businesses and not-for-profit as well as movements and associations. We are adding a new format to keep us all off the road and yet work in community. A fusion of local and virtual, all done live, but also recorded for review and catching up.

The Regenerative Developmental Alliance offers extraordinary education that transforms human lives. If you have wished you could attend a session but could not take the time to travel, then there is an online Live option for you starting in April. Carol Sanford leads all the new sessions with involvement of other TRDA members

You may join individually from a personal location, or sponsor or join a group gathering in a local home or space, where the members learn in small groups led from a Live engagement from Seattle via internet.

• You sign up for one year at a time for 8 sessions of 90 minutes each. You have access to the recordings for as long as you are a current paid member. Auto-renewal is set up to ensure you are not deleted from the system. You will also qualify for other TRDA events like The Change Agent Development Annual Summit in Seattle with members from around the world. And potentially The Regenerative Business Summit in Collaboration with Babson College.

Which CAD Community Should I Join?

We have three different Change Agent Development Communities. If you aren’t sure which one is right for you, contact Carol.

AMERICAS CHANGE AGENTS (Online only during pandemic)
USA Time Zone and Locations

DEEP PACIFIC CHANGE AGENTS (Online only) – Coming Soon
Australian/ NZ Time Zone