Regenerating Spirit

Global Seed-Communities Summit

August 11, 2023
9 am—12 PM Pacific Time

Regenerating Spirit or Inner-Being is the subject of our Global Seed-Communities Summit this year. For persons as individuals, partners or members, colleagues of a business, or anywhere people commit to personal development as part of an entity or toward a greater purpose to serve. How do we engage spirit and uplift it in the world? The summit will focus on how to engage with sacred texts in a way we avoid reading mechanically or on automatic.

The Regenerating Spirit Summit is about developing a state of being rather than teaching new behaviors.

Practices we will develop with are: 

  • Engaging with Sacred Text to awaken spirit. Finding a sacred source. A source is made sacred by being used over extended periods and by being imbued with the energies of the fields generated by dedicated agents seeking to spiritualize existence in legomonisms (texts, stupas, bells/gongs/, chanting, some prayers, structures like temples).


  • Divine Listening:  Divine listening is a method in most monk practices of receiving Direct Knowing from spiritual and sacred text or scriptures without explanation from other humans.  It is about mystical engagement in a way that the soul of the divine and soul of the human can merge. Not necessarily a god being, but as a dedicated Source.


The summit has already occurred but you can still register for The Regenerating Spirit Community through October 2023.



Who is this for?

Included for each person with current paid Change Agent Development (CAD) membership or Regenerative Business Development Community (TRBDC) Membership.

$150 each for those who are not already members in the above communities 

Do not sign up until you are sure you understand what this event offers. There are no refunds. Email Carol with questions.

Registration deadline is August 10.



This is a live online event.



Registration for summit has ended. Register below for the Regenerating Spirit Community.

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Registration deadline: August 10.  Do not sign up until you are sure you understand what this event offers. There are no refunds. 


Questions? Email Carol