Building Your Business, Regeneratively

Connect with as many as 30 peers from a diverse range of businesses and backgrounds in this success-producing,  peer thinking partner, and executive leadership development program. Harness the power of a group of fellow executives all driven to do the best for themselves and their peers in support of their businesses and for the betterment of the communities they affect.

Our Program

  • Peer group meetings that include other entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives, presidents and /or business owners 
  • Professional leadership by an experienced SEED Resource at all meetings
  • Development sessions / workshops at every meeting led by SEED Resources or thought leading speakers
  • Discount for Summit
  • A network of business leader thinking partners

Repower Your Thinking

Tested, cutting-edge approaches, forward-thinking and innovative perspectives keep your and your business on the front lines of growth and development. Be inspired and educated to challenge traditional thinking, confront challenges head on and put groundbreaking ideas into action with confidence.

We are incredibly grateful to have your mentoring. If we had not met you, we are sure our journey would not have gotten this far. (Winner of over 30 competitions globally) 

– Prukalpa Sankar, Co-Founder, Social Cops; Forbes India 30 under 30 for 2015

Learn from Fellow Creative Owners and Business Unit Leaders

Get help on your toughest decisions from an executive’s most effective sounding board — fellow executives who have taken on and conquered similar challenges. The SEED program answers your questions and, more importantly, questions your answers until you’re certain your are on the right path.

Count on Trusted, Confidential Ideation

Who do you turn to for honest, straightforward advice with no hidden agenda? SEED members and our business change agents help you determine what will and won’t work. And what can take you to a more effect place. They help you dig deeper to find new opportunities, and they hold you accountable for taking action. Carol Sanford Institute’s Regenerative Business Alliance help you build that circle of trusted thinking partners whose only agenda is to help you succeed.

Seize Opportunities for Results Now

The CSI SEED program for entrepreneurs is about continuously developing your leadership skills and driving real results in real time. No theoretical business school scenarios — instead, you get continuous, accelerated, practical executive coaching and a thinking partner perspective that you can immediately put into practice. Start making great decisions that produce extraordinary results.

Our work with Carol Sanford has generated a whole world of new possibilities. From internal alignment to new customer insights, dramatically improved effectiveness across the whole organization and the ability to generate truly exceptional ideas, Carol’s work adds value that you can’t really put a price tag on. Our ability to understand the increasingly complex world we operate in, to add value to relationships with key stakeholders and to reveal a new level of purpose in all the work we do has been raised to a level we never thought possible.

In a world of business and motivational speakers that provide marginally valuable education and inspiration, Carol is in a league – if not a universe – of her own.

– Jeffrey Hollender, Co-Founder of Seventh Generation & Sustain, Inc


Our program teaches you how to lead and grow a regenerative business.  You will learn how to:

  • Establish a growth and innovation culture based on the unique DNA of your business, embedding it in every function and decision;
  • Use the power behind Responsible Earnings, Margins and Cash Flow, advancing a business that is singular to your identity;
  • Discover how to leverage BIG change in whole systems including industries, social systems, cultural beliefs, and governance;
  • Develop strategic innovation thinking adopted by Google  and market leaders to position your business for non-displace-ability; and
  • Position your growth-stage investment pitches based on due-diligence considerations of ‘big promise’ investors.

I strongly recommend this work for running a balanced and responsible organization.  It is the basis of our overall strategy and way of planning.  

– Michiel Bakker, Google